This is where the magic happens


The 7B studio is located at Maarweg 149, close to the center of Cologne (Germany). The building called „Studiohaus“ really deserves it’s name because it’s one of the magical places, where music history in germany was written. Great artists like Tina Turner, Pink Floyd and Herbert Grönemeyer recorded their songs in the studios right above us, while EMI Music owned this place.

Today the complex offers a modern studio community with many young producers as well as some big pioneers like the guys from maarwegstudio2 and Tinseltown. The 7B studio was built to give the producer a close look to the mix and that’s why our attention was especially directed to good room acoustics. The result is a perfectly working room equipped with Adam Audio P22 speakers, the Adam Audio Sub and our little helpers from Avantone and Sony.

The analog digital transition is done by a RME Fireface and most of the dynamic processing is powered by Universal Audio and Waves, so that a fast and powerful mix and mastering can be guaranteed. For strong and clean vocals we mainly use our Neumann TLM 49, which was especially designed for great sounding vocals. Feel free to visit us, you are always welcome!


As we told you, our speciality is to mix and master your track to the highest level and to your satisfaction. Our master and mix engineer Stefan Meine already proved his skills in several german dance and pop productions and became well-known for his clean and dynamic mixes and masterings.

We prefer to mix/master your track with stems or with single tracks. Feel free to contact us to let us know what you prefer and how we can satisfy you. Your ideas are always welcome!

Besides mixing and mastering we offer you a high quality vocal recording and mixing, as well as a big range of music and soundproduction. As the buildung is full of different kind of studios with different sizes, nearly every kind of music production can be realized in our studio or in cooperation with different producers.